Distant Reading New

Cofer’s Early Work (1987-1997)

Cofer’s early work includes the poems Esperanza, El Olvido, and The Latin Deli: An Ars Poetica. The Latin Deli is the longest work in the group with a total of 301 words, followed by El Olvido at 122 and Esperanza at 75 words. Although the works are of varying lengths, they all have vocabulary densities that are close in size. Read more

Cofer’s Late Work(2000-2010)

To discover the differences in trends between Judith Ortiz Cofer’s early poems and late poems, we analyzed 10 poems from the period between 1987-1997 and 7 poems from the period between 2000-2010. For the later period, we are analyzing the three poems featured on our site, Homework: Define Caliente, And Goya Said, I am Still Learning, and How Do You Say?. Read more

Ngram and Wordle Analyses

The frequency in the number of Spanish words is the first thing that comes to mind when viewing a wordle of Cofer’s work. Goya is the most repeated word, which is a little unrepresentative of the entire sample because only one of Cofer’s works talks about Goya. One thing that we discovered through the use of the Wordle is Cofer’s tendency to use one specific topic for each piece that she does and build the poem around the topic, while sprinkling in the themes and motifs that she always uses. Read more


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